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Haji & Son Cloth House has used its business resources including its staff to create an organisation called ‘THE LUMB LANE BUSINESS GROUP’ in order to enhance and improve public safety, environment and well being for all stakeholders inclusive of neighbouring residential streets and the local business family through campaigns.

We are a community group within Manningham Bradford, which helps the businesses and the residential community in terms of development, welfare and restoring peace on Lumb lane and neighbouring streets.  We work closely with the West Yorkshire Police and the Bradford City council.  
In the past, in order to eliminate sex workers and drug users who were polluting the area with pins, needles and used condoms, we managed to raise 1500+ signatures petitioning our concern to the Bradford City Council.  We delivered a 5-minute presentation highlighting the menace, the psychological impact the community was suffering at large at a full council meeting on July 2013.  As a result, we collectively
through the police, the council and partners have managed to create a clean, peaceful environment as well as bringing the crime statistics down considerably.
"Prostitution in part of Bradford remains a major problem according to campaigners. Majid Khan led a 1500-name petition in July which forced Bradford Council to debate the problem on Lumb Lane." (ITV NEWS)

"The petition is from a group calling themselves the ‘Lumb Lane business community’ and because it has more than 1,500 signatures, Council rules mean the issue must be discussed at a meeting of the full Council." (Telegraph & Argus)

Work currently in progress


We the undersigned Businesses, Stakeholders and Residence are requesting Bradford City Council to support our concerns regarding lack of parking on Lumb lane and surrounding streets.   

Any new proposed development on Drummond Mill site on the opposite side of Lumb lane, gives us all a great opportunity to address the businesses and residential community parking needs and improve and enhance the image of the area (including lighting and environmental improvements) visually.

  1. Existing businesses parking provision is Inadequate in the area, this needs to be preserved and additional parking needs to be created to reduce existing congestion and improve safety of all stakeholders using Lumb Lane for business and residential usage. 
  2. The trade on Lumb lane has declined and are suffering financial hardship considerably due to the Drummond Mill fire, unless parking needs are addressed, many businesses will be killed off, and their very existence and survival will be at stake and certainly many jobs are at risk and could be lost.
  3. Many businesses have been operating on Lumb lane for over 50 years, many of us are already facing parking issues with local schools, Bradford City football club and community groups operating in the area.  There are no parking spaces left for business owners and customers to use, this is restricting business trading on Lumb lane and the regeneration of the area.

Request to be considered for addressing the parking issue on Lumb lane 

  • Provide new additional free parking space/provision for the local businesses which are most likely to be affected.
  • The road needs to be widened for safety, parking needs and the existing two-way road system needs to be preserved and enhanced to ensure its more effective and it enhances the image and survival of the Lumb Lane business community.
  • A full neighbourhood consultation needs to take place with the Lumb Lane business and residential community before any new proposal is submitted for the development on the cleared Drummond Mill site so that we can work together to support regeneration and to enhance, and visually improve Lumb lane as a corridor.
  • Any planning application to be considered must ensure additional parking requirement are met and section 106 agreement condition is applied to the applicant to support the local community requirements. 




Haji & Son Cloth House makes a direct contribution to a UK based charity trust called the Mohiuddin Trust (Birmingham UK).

This Trust works in a number of sectors which are education, housing projects, Pakistan flood appeal, Health care, Sufi Academy, National Women Conference, water projects and so forth.  


The vision of Haji & Son Cloth House

Haji & Son other than its business interest, it has a vision to create a happy, clean and a safe environment for all, free of crime.

Haji & Son because of being deeply connected and committed with the charity group the Mohuiddin Trust, it wants to help all those who are deprived from the necessities of life.