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The Tears: The English Translation of Al-Abarat By Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfaluti

The Tears is the English translation of Al-Abarat, first published in 1915, written in Arabic by Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfaluti and translated by Majid Khan Malik Saddiqui.  

Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfaluti, born in 1876 in Manfalut, Egypt, was known as the reviver of the Arabic language and a highly talented Arabic writer of his time. He translated many French plays into Arabic and authored many other works. Al-Abarat consists of eight short stories, The Orphan, The Veil, The Abyss, The Punishment, The Martyrs, The Remembrance, The Reward and The Victim. Some are his own and some are translations of writers such as Chateavbriand, and Alexandre Dumas Fils. These touching stories are compassionate tales of love, hope and kindness amidst tragedy grievance and sacrifice. The Tears is designed to evoke every emotion and sympathy for the diverse characters, melting even the hardest of hearts. After reading this book you will never be the same.

 Al-'Abarat is avialable in Hardback @£19.95 which includes the Arabic alongside the English, A Paperback edition @ £7.99 which only includes the English.  The paperback edition is available as an Ebook at YPD Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and ibooks @ £3.99.